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What is Myspace 1.0?


What is Myspace 1.0? Why do I keep seeing people referring to Myspace Profile 1.0? Which version do I have?


Myspace Profile 1.0 is the original version of the Myspace Profile Editor. It has been the same version since Myspace started. Recently Myspace came out with the option of upgrading your Myspace 1.0 Profile Editor to Myspace 2.0 which has new features and new capabilites that 1.0 does not have. But some people prefer to stick with Myspace 1.0 because they are used to it and because they like having a contact table and an extended network box(status box). Also some people like the myspace layouts for Myspace Profile 1.0 better so they have decided to stick with Myspace 1.0. Luckily Myspace will allow you to keep your Profile in 1.0 if you want to. But you can always try 2.0 if you would like and go back to 1.0 anytime. Myspace will save your 1.0 Profile for 90 days in case you want to switch back and not have to reset everything the way you had it. After 90 days you can still switch back to Myspace 1.0 but you will have to redo your layout and info.

To tell which version of Myspace Profile Editor you have, just look to see if you have a contact table on the right side of your myspace profile page. The contact table is the table that says Message, Favorites, Add Me, Rank Me, Block Me, etc. If you see that contact table box on the left you are in Myspace 1.0. If you see your Myspace URL and Add Me, Message Me, Make a Comment in the top box that goes across your profile, you are in Myspace Profile 2.0.

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