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Downgrade from Myspace 2.0 Back to 1.0


How do I go back to Myspace Profile 1.0? How do I downgrade from Myspace 2.0?


February 2014 UPDATE: I have been informed that myspace is not letting ANYONE downgrade to 1.0 anymore no matter how new or old your account is. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! You can try the ideas below if you want but they don't work for me anymore and I've received many emails saying it doesn't work anymore.

To downgrade your Myspace 2.0 Profile back to Myspace 1.0 follow the directions below:

  1. Login to your myspace at
  2. Click PROFILE in the top menu and then click CUSTOMIZE PROFILE in the drop down box.
  3. Click on "Go Back" at the very top of your page in the right corner on a gray bar.
  4. A pop-up box will show up. Click the right side option "Switch to Profile 1.0".
  5. The "Start from Scratch" option allows you to keep your profile in Myspace Profile 2.0 but start over from the beginning. It deletes all of your layout codes or myspace themes you have set with the 2.0 profile editor or with codes you added.

If you sign up for a new account with myspace, you will automatically get a 2.0 Profile and myspace won't allow you to switch back to 1.0. BUT someone figured out a quick fix for this, and it may not work for long. Tons of people have said it worked for them. CLICK HERE for directions to go back to 1.0 with accounts made after April 2nd, 2009. Other than the quick fix there is no way to start a new 1.0 account or switch back. Myspace officially announced that anyone starting an account after April 2nd, 2009 will automatically have a 2.0 profile and will not be able to go back to 1.0 from 2.0. If you started a new acount after April 1st, 2009 you can still see the Go Back option on the Customize Profile page (like in the above directions) but if you click go back it will only give you the Start from Scratch Option which allows you to clear all changes made and start from the beginning of 2.0.

Another option if you are desperate to get a 1.0 account is to sign up for a musician/band myspace account. Musician and bands myspaces are still in 1.0 and don't even have an option of 2.0. Myspace will eventually add 2.0 for musicians and bands but it hasn't yet. So you can sign up for one and then there are ways that you can hide the music player and tweak the page to look like a 1.0 regular account. But keep in mind that not all 1.0 layouts work for band pages. Most do, but some 1.0 layout codes may have issues working with a musician account because the tables in the code are not all named the same thing as regular myspace tables. For instance, the extended network will not show up in a band account layout. If you want to get directions for opening a musician/band account on myspace visit this page.

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