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How to Put Layout Into Myspace 1.0 Profile


How do I use PROFILErehab layouts on my Myspace in PROFILE 1.0? How do I change my layout to use one of your layouts?


  1. Search through our website until you find the myspace layout you want to use.
  2. Go to the Layout Details page of the layout you want to use by clicking on Details.
  3. Click inside the 1.0 ThemeCode box on the right of the layout image. It should automatically select the entire myspace theme code.
  4. Press Control+C at the same time to copy the myspace theme code. You can also right click in the themecode box and then choose copy from the drop down box to copy the code. Either way will copy the myspace code.
  5. Go to your myspace profile at and log in.
  6. Click on Edit Profile on your home page. If you have trouble finding Edit Profile on the homepage you can also find it by clicking on PROFILE in the top blue menu and in the drop down box you will see Edit Profile.
  7. Find the About Me box where you put your About Me text and click at the very end of your About Me Text so your cursor is sitting below your About Me text.
  8. If you have themecode from a recent myspace layout you added, make sure to remove that code before entering a new myspace theme code.
  9. Press Control+V to paste the myspace profile theme code into your About Me section. You can also right click underneath your About Me text and choose Paste from the drop down box. Either way will paste the myspace code.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the Myspace Profile Edit page, and click -Save All Changes-.

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Myspace Profile Layout Help


Myspace Layout Help with Myspace Profile


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