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How to Change Twitter Design Colors


How do I change the text, background, links, side bar in Twitter? How do I customize the colors of my Twitter Profile?


Twitter allows you to customize your Twitter profile by changing the colors of the background, text, links, side bar and side bar border. You can match these parts of your profile to yourTwitter background image (if you added one). To change the colors of your Twitter background, text, links, sidebar and sidebar border, follow these directions:

  • Go to your Twitter Account and click Settings on the top right corner.
  • Click Design in the top menu.
  • Click change design colors.
  • Click on each box -Background, Links, Text, Sidebar, Sidebar Border- and enter the color numberyou want to use in the right top of that box where you see six numbers.
  • All colors have hexacode letters/numbers. For instance pure black is 000000 and pure white is ffffff. There is a 6 character hexacode for every color and every shade of every color. You'll need to find the color hexacode for each color you want to use in these sections.
  • If you don't know how to find the hexacode for the colors you want to use, try this site Click through the bottom boxes to see all different colors and their hexacode is the 6 characters after the number sign. For instance #000000 or #ffffff - To find out what the colors are in a background you are using so that you can match them up, you need to open the background in an image editing program such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp(Free Program) and then use the color picking tool to figure out what exact colors are in your background.

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