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Make Paragraphs and Line Breaks in Myspace Profile Text


How do I make my text into separated paragraphs in my About Me section or any other myspace profile section? How do I make one line break like for a list?


If you want to make your About Me section (or any other section) of your myspace profile to look better you can add paragraph breaks or line breaks between your paragraphs or sentences or lists just like this Answer section here. On myspace even if you hit Enter after each of your paragraphs they won't show up with paragraph breaks after you hit save to your profile changes. Instead you have to enter some simple HTML code to make the paragraphs separate the way they should. Here are the directions below...

Pretend the following text is the text in your about me section and you want to separate the paragraphs so that all your text is not run together without any paragraph breaks. All you have to do is add paragraph tags around the sections you want separated. View the code in the code box to see how you should set up your text:

Once you enter those paragraph breaks, that same text in the code box above will look like this:

This is how it works with your text. You just type what you want and when you want to make a new paragraph you add the paragraph tag at the beginning and end of each paragraph like you see around this paragraph.

Now do you see that there is an opening paragraph tag and a closing paragraph tag and those start and end the paragraph. When the next paragraph starts with a new paragraph tag you will have a line between the two paragraphs.

Now if you want to make a single link break for a list, like this:

I like these people:

There is another way to do this with <br> tags. The <br> tag inserts a single line break and it is an empty tag which means that it doesn't need an end tag. Just insert the <br> tag like in the following example wherever you want a line break between sentences or paragraphs.

This is the what the code above will look like on your actual profile after you save your changes:

Here is your first sentence.
Here is your 2nd sentence. See how they are separated by the br tag. Once you enter this into your profile it will automatically insert line breaks wherever the br tag was put. Also here is a list:

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How do I add paragraphs to my About me section in Myspace? How do I make breaks between paragraphs in my myspace profile? How do I separate sentences in my About Me section in Myspace? How to add paragraph breaks, how to make line breaks, code for paragraph breaks