How can I get my new myspace account to go back to 1.0? I've tried everything and can't find the Go back button, how do I make my myspace the original instead of 2.0?


AUGUST 2009 UPDATE: I have been informed that myspace is not letting ANYONE downgrade to 1.0 anymore no matter how new or old your account is and the Blog fix below doesn't work anymore because myspace fixed the glitch in their system. I am not able to downgrade my 2.0 account that was made last year. So if you already upgraded to 2.0 I think you may just be stuck with it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! You can try the ideas below if you want but they don't work for me anymore and I've received many emails saying it doesn't work anymore.

If you made a new myspace account and you can't switch back to 1.0 from your new 2.0 profile here is a new fix that will allow you to switch back. If you are going to try this fix, do it quick before myspace catches on and fixes it so that you can't go back again.

  1. Login to your new myspace account and click on Home in the top menu.
  2. Click on Manage Blogs on the left and post a new blog. (I realize this sounds odd, but it really works) Just enter anything into the blog post, it doesn't matter, you can write "Test Blog" if you want. Enter some text in the blog subject and blog bodytext area.
  3. Click Preview & then click Post.
  4. Once you post the test blog, click on PROFILE in the top menu and then click Customize Profile in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on the Go Back button on the top right and a box will show up with 2 choices: "Start from Scratch" and "Switch to Profile 1.0"
  6. Click "Switch to Profile 1.0" and you should be switched back.

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