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Add Band Picture or Logo to Top of Band Profile


How do I add my band logo or picture to the top of my band profile? How do I add my band picture to a premade 1.0 layout?


To add your own band logo or band picture to the top of your Band Profile, follow the directions below:

If you are using one of our layouts from our BAND PROFILE LAYOUTS section that already has one of our images at the top, go here to find directions on how to replace our top image with your own image.

If you are using a 1.0 layout from our site (or someone elses site), you need to add some code into the layout to put your own image at the top.

First make sure your band image you are using to replace our top image is around 790 pixels or less. It can be wider but if you want to make sure people can view the entire image, then around 790 pixels is a good width.

Once you have your own band logo or band picture ready, upload it to a free image hosting site or a paid hosting site and get the URL(the link, for example: of the image.

Now add the following code into the 1.0 layout code inside the style tags (if you need a 1.0 layout code, grab one on our site here).

In the above code, replace our image URL in that section with your Image URL.

The url is located where it says:

background: url( no-repeat center top

Just replace the "" with your own image url.

Now you need to make necessary adjustments to the .head section to fit your image.

Change the numbers in "width: 914px;" and "height: 500px;" to the width and height of your image.

Change the numbers in "margin-left: -415px;" to adjust the image to the right or the left. If you make the negative number higher it will move to the left, if you make the negative number lower (or a positive number) it will move to the right.

Next you need to adjust where you want the myspace ad to start near the top of your profile, by moving the myspace ad and whole profile text areas up or down. Find the "body" section of your layout code. Here is an example of the body section:

In the above code, adjust the padding-top number to move your profile up or down so that you can see enough of your top image before the myspace ad on your band profile begins.

Now add the following code to the very top of our layout code OUTSIDE of the style tags:

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