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How to Make a Myspace Band/Musician Account


How do I set up a Musician / Band Account on myspace? How do I make a myspace band account? How can I register for a musician profile on myspace?


To sign up for a Musician or Band Myspace Account, follow these directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up in the top menu on the far right. (Make sure you are signed out of any other myspace account you might already have)
  3. On the Sign Up page look in the bottom right corner where it says "If you are a musician, sign up here" and click on that.
  4. Fill out all the information on the sign-up page and check the box that you agree to their terms and conditions and then click Sign Up on the bottom of that page.
  5. On the following pages they will ask you to choose your myspace url (be careful because you cannot change it once you pick one) and they will ask you to enter other information about yourself or your band. If you don't want to choose your myspace url yet, just click on Skip this Step on the bottom right and skip that whole section.
  6. The next page will ask you to upload a picture and you can choose to skip that step too.
  7. The next page will tell you to find friends. You can add friends or skip that step.
  8. The next page says "Edit Artist Profile". You can start uploading your songs (it says only 6 total can be uploaded) and then on the bottom of the page you can choose some options for the music you display.
  9. You can Allow others to put the song on their profile playlist. Check that box if you want people to be able to put your music in their playlist.
  10. You can make your first song auto-play when people visit your page.
  11. You can make your player randomize your songs when someone visits your profile.
  12. Click PROFILE in the top menu and then EDIT PROFILE from the drop down box to start putting in all your band/musician information.

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Where do I register for a Band Account on myspace? How do I make a band profile myspace account? How do you make a musician account for myspace?