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URL: How to Set Myspace URL


How to do I set my myspace url? How can I get a unique url on myspace?


Your myspace url is the link to get directly to your myspace. If you haven't set it, it is just a bunch of numbers so myspace allows you to set it to something unique and easy to type in. For instance, for our PROFILErehab myspace page we set it to which is nice and short and easy to remember. So say you rname is Kevin Taylor, you can set yours to or any other name you want if they are still available.

To set your myspace url (if you have not chosen one in the past, once you have picked one you cannot change it), login to myspace and go to your Home page in the top menu. On the home page, right below your picture on the left is a little red box that looks like this:

Click on this link and you will be able to specify the unique url link you'd like for your myspace only. You can choose anything you want that is available and hasn't already been taken by someone else. You will see a warning from myspace stating this:

"Your Display Name is: Dave. You can change your Display Name as often as you want, just like you always have. But now we have a new MYSPACE NAME/URL feature. Each user can pick a unique MySpace Name. It will become your own custom URL. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR DISPLAY NAME. You'll still be able to change the name that appears on your Myspace profile whenever you want. But you won't be able to change your MYSPACE NAME/URL once you pick it, so be careful!"

This means that once you choose this url you can not change it and it is set forever. The only way to change it in the future is to delete your myspace and start a brand new one and set it all back up again. But you can always change your display name (the one that shows up above your default picture on your profile) such as Jennifer or Kevin or Crazy Nutjob or whatever display name you have chosen.

Follow the directions on this page until you enter your url name and then hit submit or OK until you finish going through all the warnings that this url is PERMANENT.

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