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How to Clear Changes or Use the 1.0 Profile Editor


How do I edit my profile with Myspaces Editor in 1.0? What happened to the Myspace 1.0 Editor?


Myspace has had issues the last month or two with their 1.0 profile editor. Who knows if they are resolved yet as it's pretty unclear and I still see people having issues but for some people it might be working.

But if you are still having trouble editing your Profile 1.0 in myspace and it has to do with changes you made in the Profile Editor 1.0 here are some ways to help you.

Some people are just looking for the editor that used to be there a few months ago so they can make more changes to their profile and some people say their myspace is stuck how they had it set with the old editor and now they can't remove the changes they had made. They aren't even able to put a new layout code in the About Me section because the editor changes they made are over-riding the new layout code and there is no way to change it because the 1.0 editor is missing.

Some of this may have been resolved, but if you are still having issues you can try the following ideas:

When you go to Customize Profile, it prompts you to switch to Profile 2.0 when you try use the profile editor. One option is to upgrade to Profile 2.0 and you can always switch back after the 1.0 profile editor issue has been resolved.


If you used the Profile 1.0 profile editor to layout your profile, and you need to go in and change what you did or delete what you did to your profile, here is a secret way to get into the 1.0 Profile Editor to make changes or delete your old changes so that you can use a layout and the code will show correctly.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select MY PROFILE from the PROFILE dropdown menu at the top of your page.
  3. Paste &pe=1 to the END of the URL link in your browser’s address bar
  4. Press ENTER on your keyboard. This will take you to the 1.0 Profile editor so you can clear your layout.
  5. Select Start Over at the bottom of the Theme Library.
  6. Click on LOSE CHANGES in the popup window.
  7. Close the Theme Library (x in top right corner).
  8. Click on Home (MySpace nav bar, top of page)
  9. Add a layout to your About Me section from PROFILErehab (shameless plug).

If after doing all this you are still having trouble with code not working or layouts overlapping old code, try reading this help section to see if you haven't cleared something in your profile.

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what happened to the 1.0 myspace editor? Where is the Myspace 1.0 profile editor? How do I edit my myspace 1.0 profile through myspaces editors? Where did the 1.0 editor go? Why can't I edit my 1.0 profile through myspace anymore?