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Make 2.0 Profile Skinny


How do I make my 2.0 Profile Skinny?


To make a 2.0 layout skinny, you have two options. You can set the width through myspaces Customize Profile page(and then edit any layout code you have added to the CSS box), or you can set the width in your layout code. If you have a layout code it could conflict with myspaces width setting so if you choose to set the Customize profile width in myspace to skinny, make sure a different width is not set in your layout code.

To adjust the width in your layout code, follow these directions:

Search in your 2.0 layout code for DIV.contentMid2 and you will see the width set in this section. This is what it should look like:

Adjust the width pixel number in the above code to as skinny as you want your tables to go. This will control the Top wide box and the tables underneath it. It does not control the top menu or top myspace ad. I've found the best skinny width to set here is 700px because anything skinnier makes it hard to fit everything side by side in the top basic info details box (the one with your default picture and status, etc.). If you don't have a layout code, just ad the above code (with your width adjustments) into the CSS box in your 2.0 Profile.

You can also control the width of the top menu (you cannot change the width of the myspace ad at the top). Below is the code that deals with the width of the top menu in 2.0. Just find this section in your code (or add this to your 2.0 Css box if you don't have a code to use) and adjust the menu to where you want it. It works best at 700px.

To change the width of your layout through Myspaces Customize Profile page, follow these directions:

  1. Login to myspace.
  2. Click on PROFILE in the top menu and then click on CUSTOMIZE PROFILE in the drop down box.
  3. Click on Change Layout on the Customize page.
  4. Look in the right side box for Page Width and choose 750px from the drop down box.
  5. Then click Publish.
  6. If you have a layout code in your CSS box, make sure you change the width in DIV.contentMid2 to 750px also. Otherwise this won't work. Look at the info above this to see how to change your menu and tables in your layout code so that it matches the 750px that myspace sets. If you don't have a layout code added to the CSS box, you don't need to worry about this.

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