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Questions About 2.0 Hide Everything Layouts


What is a Hide Everything Layout? How do I make a text header in the About Me for the Hide Everything Layout? How do I change the font style, font size and font color in the 2.0 hide everything layouts? Why is my About me text on top of or under my default picture?


Every site is different but our 2.0 Hide Everything layouts hide everything but the About Me text OR hide everything except the default picture and the About Me text. Our hide everything layouts also add a design around these sections. These layouts hide the About Me headers and the blurbs header.Click here for an example of a 2.0 hide everything layout. Our hide everything codes are set up to allow your music playlist (the new playlist with multiple songs) to be hidden but continue to play if you set your playlist on auto-play. If you don't want your music to play just remove the player from your profile before adding this code or turn off auto-play. Different websites do different things with hide everything layouts. But ours usually have the default picture and about me text or just the About Me text.

Click here to see all of our Hide Everything Layouts.

The following info is for Hide Everything layouts in Myspace 2.0 (the new myspace profile). If you want info for the 1.0 Hide Everything Layouts go here.

Your About me text may not have a lot of room with Hide Everything layouts, so if you need more room you can add a scroll box to your About me section. Click here for directions for adding a scroll box to the About me section for a 2.0 Hide Everything Layout.

If you want to know more about how to add a text header or style the text in the Myspace 2.0 About Me section for the hide everything layouts, follow the directions below.

If you want to set the font color, font size or font style in the 2.0 Hide everything layouts, enter the following code into your About Me section for Myspace 2.0 and replace the header text and paragraph text with your own text for the About me section:

To edit the font size of your text in the above code, replace the number 16px with another number such as 12px.

To edit the font color of your text, replace the word pink and purple with whatever color you want to use. You can also use hexacode numbers for colors such as #000000 (black) or #ffffff (white). Just change the color part of the code to say "#000000" instead of "black". Make sure you use a number sign before the hexacode number/letters for 2.0. If you are just writing the actual color name such as "black" you don't need to include the number sign.

To edit the font style (font family in the above code, examples of font styles are arial, papyrus, tahoma, georgia, etc.) just change the word papyrus to whatever font you like. You can remove that part if you just want to use the default font on the page. If that is the case just remove the font family section of the code.

If you want to add any more tweaks to your 2.0 About Me text here are some below:

If your About Me text is on top of your Default picture this happens because you have changed the 2.0 default settings. Here is how to fix this problem:

Go into Customize Profile and make sure that you have selected NO THEME. Also make sure that you have selected the first option under "Change Layout". The change layout section decides how your layout will be laid out (moves the columns and rows around) and if its set wrong it will change the way our hide everything layouts look. Then in Customize Profile, go down below to where you can drag your modules around and make sure that your Blurbs(about me) module is on the right side of the page. A lot of people put it on the left and if it is sitting on the left it won't show up right in our hide everything layouts. Last, save everything by hitting publish and your text should now show up on the right side and not on top of your picture.

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