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How do I reply to a Tweet on Twitter? What is a mention? How do I mention to someone in Twitter?

Twitter Profile Question Answers

When you reply to someone elses Tweet on Twitter, it is called a "Mention". To mention(reply), follow these directions:

  • Go to to and sign in.
  • Click on Home on the top.
  • Roll over the post you want to reply to and a curved arrow will show up in the right bottom corner of that post.
  • Click the little reply arrow.
  • After you click it, look in your update box at the top of that page and you will see an @personsusername to the person you wanted to reply to. After @personsusername enter your reply into the box and hit reply.
  • If you are using a Twitter client, just go to where you can see all other peoples tweets and roll over the tweet to find the same arrow on the right bottom of the tweet. Click the arrow to reply.

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